№ 18 (3), декабрь 2010:

Афганистан: тогда и сейчас


Major Cavagnari, the British envoy, with Afghan chieftains, 1879.

The future leadership of the Afghan air force with Major ­Jason A Church of the US marines, who is ­helping to ­train them.


Dost ­Mohammad Khan, emir of Afghanistan for four ­decades, with his family. His influence towered over relations with the British.

The political staff of the British embassy


Scene with ­musicians in the city of Jalalabad, 1878.

A music school in Kabul, where the boys learn the traditional Afghan instrument, the rubab. It is a skill that nearly became ­extinct after the Taliban banned secular music.


'Nautch' dancing girls – Hindu women who were ­imported to entertain Afghanistan’s rulers.

The Afghan women's national basketball squad.


Officers of the 51st Regiment on Sultan Tarra, 1878. Three ­local scouts or servants sit at the back.

The crew and ground staff of the new international airline, Safi Airways.


Mahomed Tahir Khan, Aslam Khan of Ghazni.

Pro-Taliban refugees.

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